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SCINCE PURGE TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd (SCPUR) is a technology company with cross-industry practical experiences.

For 25 years, SCINCE PURGE TECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd has defined the market in purification industries in micro-controller integrated system. With more than 20 years design and manufacture experience in air filtering and separation(including filter tester machine and respirator tester), testers supplied by SPT have the core advantages of easy controlling, powerful function and stable performance.

With factory locates in Suzhou, we have sale department in Qingdao. Oriented by the market, we set technical strength as our core competitiveness, could provide customerized services in filtering and separating test field.Through abundance experience in filter medium and mask industries, SCPUR could also provide filter material related products and services. 

SCPUR products include three categories: filter testers, material series, clean room equipments and etc. Filter testers include filter media test series, mask test series, filer seris, class material include filtering material and functional material, clean room equipment has particle counter, high efficiency leak detector, microbial air sampler, etc.

SPT’s workforce is comprised of a dedicated team of individuals committed to gaining recognition through integrity, technical power and products quality, and continue to use our enthusiasm and professional knowledge to provide high-quality services and drive the development of innovative products.