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Portable Mask Tester SC-MT-1603

Test results: filter efficiency, protective effect, inward leakage, total inward leakage, inhalation resistance, air flow resistance.
Particulate matter in the ambient air was used as the test aerosol. The test is a non-standard test condition, but the final result corresponds to the test result under the standard test condition through calibration.
SC-MT-1603 is equipped with GB adult dummy head, which display the filter efficiency and resistance under the test condition of 85L/min air flow and NaCl aerosol.
SC-MT-1603EN is equipped with Sheffield dummy head, which display the filter efficiency and resistance under the test condition of 95L/min air flow and oil aerosol.


1.3 test modes

“No mask” mode is used to test the particles in the environment without the mask being worn. 

“Wear Mask” mode is tested after wearing a mask on the dummy head, test results such as protective effect, inhalation resistance, and total inward leakage can be obtained.

 “Fixture On” mode, a special 3D fixture is used to seal the during the test, test results such as filter efficiency, resistance, inward leakage can be obtained.

2.Chip-level design, touch screen display and operation control.

3.Test flow is adjustable, 32~95L/min.

4.Built-in thermal printer, test results can be printed directly. 

5.Portable and equipped with trolley suitcase.


It is used for mask product display and displays various relevant indicators of masks in real time. Used for horizontal comparison, display with data, intuitive, and obvious.

It is used for mask product quality monitoring, raw material evaluation, product display, new product development, etc. It is especially suitable for horizontal comparison of raw materials and masks.

Suitable environment

It is suitable for the environment with stable concentration of particulate matter in the air. It is not suitable for the environment with excessive concentration of particulate matter and clean room, especially for the environment with smoking.


Test flow is adjustable, maximum is 95L/min.

Test cycle is adjustable, usually 30s.

Accuracy: flow meter, 2.5%;

Pressure sensor, 1%.

Dimensions: 260×245×400 mm (L ×W×H)

Trolley case size: 335*350*350 mm (L ×W×H)

Weight: 10kg (including trolley case) .

Environment requirement 

Test temperature: (23±5)°C

Power supply: 220 VAC, 50/60Hz

Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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