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Portable Melt-blown Tester SC-MBT-2032

Test indexes: filter efficiency and resistance of melt-blown and medical face mask.
Particulate matter in the ambient air was used as the test medium. The test is a non-standard test condition, but the final result corresponds to the test result under the standard test condition through calibration.


1.3 test modes meet different test requirements

Mode 1- Display NaCl aerosol test results at 32L / min flow. 

Mode 2- Display NaCl aerosol test results at 85L / min flow. 

Mode 3- Display paraffin oil aerosol test results at 95L / min flow. 

2.Provide standard filter paper for calibration. This instrument can be used with standard instrument to adjust the correction coefficient and get more accurate test results.

3.Built-in thermal printer, test results can be printed directly. 

4.Small size, easy to carry.


It is used for filter efficiency and resistance test of melt blown and flat medical face mask.

It can be used for resistance test of semi-finished products, and also as product uniformity test equipment in melt blown plant.

Suitable environment

It is suitable for the environment with stable concentration of particulate matter in the air. It is not suitable for the environment with excessive concentration of particulate matter and clean room, especially for the environment with smoking.

Technical parameters

Test flow: 32L/min, 85L/min, 95L/min.

Pressure gauge range: 0~500Pa.

Accuracy: flow meter, 2.5%;

pressure gauge, 1%.

Test area: 100 cm2.

Dimensions: 300×250×380 mm (L ×W×H).

Trolley case size: 335*350*350 mm (L ×W×H).

Net weight: 11kg .

Environment requirements

Temperature: (23±5)°C

Power supply: 220 VAC, 50/60Hz

Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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