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Side Gluing Machine for V-Bank Filter SC-FM2205

It is used for automatic glue injection on the side of W-type (V-bank) filters.
It is composed of double operation station, glue supply system, electric control cabinet and programming handle etc.
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Under the normal operation of the equipment, the production capacity per hour is about 60PCS.

Three axis assembly and relay control to realize automatic gluing.

The quantity and speed of dispensing, the dispensing and stopping time can be adjusted. Stable glue output, no glue leakage and dripping.

Double operation stations, reduce waiting time and improve production efficiency.

Main Components of the System

1. Double operation stations

Cyclic loading and gluing. Install the semi-finished products on stations A and B, press the start button, and station A will start the glue injection. After the glue injection is completed, the glue valve will move to station B for glue injection. Then take away the products at station A and replenish them in time. After the glue injection at station B is completed, return to station A for glue injection.

2. Glue supply system

It is composed of barrel, outlet valve, fixed swing arm and other components.

3. Programming handle

Program according to filter shape, easy to operate. The glue injection route map can be prepared at will.

Technical parameters



Operation method

Three-axis control handle

Glue supply method

Cylinder push

Bucket capacity

2.6L, can be customized

Gue flow

0.2~5g\/s, adjustable

Gas source


Rated power





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