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Company statement

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Company statement

To dear customers,

The reliability of "Scince Purge" testing equipment has been recognized by many customers, especially 1406D, 1406YO, 1802D, 1802YO and other models are favored in the second-hand market.

Recently, we have received feedback from the market that due to poor use and maintenance, improper operation of untrained personnel, long-term shutdown of equipment, and humid use environment, the following problems have occurred. Including the internal parameters of the equipment are confused, the circuit board is corroded, and the equipment runs poorly, the test result is not accurate, etc.

In addition, we found that some employees who left our company continued to engage in the after-sales service without our authorization, and resell second-hand "Scince Purge" equipment. The above situation will not exclude the behavior of modifying some internal parameters of the equipment in violation of the principles of our company, which will inevitably lead to the distortion of the test results. The test results can not reflect the real performance of the tested masks or filter materials, which will cause adverse effects on downstream customers or the market.

Therefore, our company decide to take measures helps the end users to identify and avoid the adverse impact of such events on users.

1. If you have any questions about the test results of our instrument provided by others, you can contact the official after-sales of Scince Purge, who can inquire the reliability of the equipment for you.

2. Users who plan to buy the second-hand Scince Purge equipment, please contact our official after-sales to inquire about the real situation of the equipment. At the same time, we also provide repair and calibration services to ensure your normal use of the equipment.

3. Users who have purchased our second-hand equipment from non official path can contact our official after-sales to inquire about the real situation of the equipment. We will provide you with service guidance.

Official contact number: 400-8566926, 0532-68963865

Sorry for the inconvenience!

                       Scince Purge Technology(Qingdao) Co., Ltd

                                           May 12th, 2022

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