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Our products are designed and manufactured according to standards, including respirator standards such as EN 149、EN 143、NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84、EN 14683、ASTM F3502、GB 2626、GB/T 32610、GB 19083、YY 0469、YY/T 0969, etc. Filter standards such as ISO 16890、EN 1822、ISO 29463、ISO 11155、IEST-RP CC001.5、GB/T 14295、GB/T 6165、GB/T 13554, etc.


From the perspective of users, our products have good practicability and high accuracy. Our customers are distributed in filter media, masks, filters (element), clean rooms and other industries, as well as environmental protection industries with monitoring requirements for air quality. Customers include relevant production enterprises, testing institutions and research institutes at home and abroad.

  • Mask Tester
    • Automatic Material Test Equipment Mask Tester SC-FT-1802D-Plus
    • Portable Respirator Ex Inhalation Resistance Mask Tester SC-RT-1703EN
    • Respirator Valve Leakage Tester SC-RT-N1704
    • Respirator Ex & Inhalation Resistance Tester SC-RT-1703KR
    • Portable Test Equipment Filter Efficiency Mask Tester SC-MT-1603
    • Medical Face Mask Differential Pressure Tester SC-RT-1202YY
  • Filter Media Tester
    • Automatic PFE Test Equipment Filter Media Tester SC-FT-1406D-Plus
    • Portable Melt-blown Material Test Equipment Filter Media Tester SC-MBT-2032
    • Resistance And Air Permeability Tester SC-RT-1202P
    • Automatic Filter Media Tester for HEPA Filter SC-FT-1406DH-Plus
  • Filter Tester
    • HEPA Quality Control Filter Tester Equipment SC-7099
    • HEPA Automatic Scanning Test System Filter Tester SC-L8023
    • High Efficiency Small Testing Euqipment Filter Tester SC-13011
    • General Ventilation Filter Test System SC-779
    • Filter Element Resistance Test System SC-R9013-5000
    • Filter Element Resistance Test System SC-R9013-1000
  • Clean Room Equipment
    • Microbial Air Sampler Clean Room Equipment FKC-Ⅲ
    • Air Capture Hoods SC-FLY01
    • Handheld Particle Counter SC-3016H
    • Microbial Air Sampler FKC-IB
    • Laser Particle Counter SC-C301
    • Clean Room Stainless Steel Washing Basin SC-WB-1
  • Air Quality Monitoring System
    • Gas Alarm System AQMS-02
    • Micro Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System-AQMS16
    • Portable Multi Gas Detector AQMS-10
    • VOCs On-line Monitoring System AQMS-09
    • VOCs On-line Monitoring System AQMS-08
    • Real-time Dust and Noise Monitoring System AQMS-07
  • Filter Materials
    • Electrostatic Cotton
    • Melt Blown
  • Respirator
    • Stent Protective Mask PPE-KN100
    • Stent Protective Mask PPE-KP95
    • Full Mask Non-powered Air-purifying Respirator PPE-MB
    • Full Mask Non-powered Air-purifying Respirator PPE-MA
    • Non-powered Air-purifying Particle Respirator PPE-7706
    • Non-powered Air-purifying Particle Respirator PPE-7702
  • POGO pin tester
    • Force Displacement Resistance Test System for Probe Life Cycle, Resistance And Current Test
    • POGO pin Life Cycle Test System SC-LCR2117
    • Force Displacement Resistance Test System SC-FDR2118
  • Machinery
    • Automatic Gluing System for Air Filter SC-FM2209

Mask Tester

    We Make Easy-To-Use Filter Tester

    As a fast growing technology company, Scince Purge owns a number of technical personnel engaged in cleaning and filtration testing related industries for more than 20 years. Our company has more than 10 authorized patents, owing core component manufacturing capacity as well as software and hardware independent development capacity. We do provide flexible solutions, innovative products and efficient service according to customer needs.

    We provide equipment of seven series, a total of more than 60 kinds of products. Including: filter tester, air filtration material tester, mask testing equipment, filter materials, clean room testing equipment, air quality monitoring system.

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    High Precision
    Case 1: The world's largest non-woven fabric enterprise BERRY’s factory in China
    Customer requirements: compared with TSI 8130A, the deviation of resistance is less than ± 5%; the deviation of penetration of H10 and H11 is less than ± 15%, H12 is less than ± 20%, and H13 is less than ± 30%.

    After being debugged by our Engineer in the customer's factory, the test results of SC-FT-1406DP fully meet the above requirements.
    See the details page for the test results.
    Industry Experience
    20+ years of experience in filter testing industry, 10+ patents, independent core component manufacturing capability.

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    Sincerity matters most. Your satisfaction is the eternal goal we pursue!
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    Company statement

    The reliability of "Scince Purge" testing equipment has been recognized by many customers, especially 1406D, 1406YO, 1802D, 1802YO and other models are favored in the second-hand market. Recently, we have received feedback from the market that due to poor use and maintenance, improper operation of untrained personnel,etc, the following problems have occurred. Including the internal parameters of the equipment are confused, the circuit board is corroded, tetc. In addition, we found that some employees who left our company continued to engage in the after-sales service without our authorization, and resell second-hand "Scince Purge" equipment. The above situation will not exclude the behavior of modifying some internal parameters of the equipment in violation of the principles of our company, which will inevitably lead to the distortion of the test results. Therefore, our company decide to take measures helps the end users to identify and avoid the adverse mpact of such events on users.

    Standards of Vacuum Cleaners and Robotic floor cleaning machines

    In order to facilitate you to get the performance test method of vacuum cleaner and cleaning robots (automatic/robotic floor cleaning machines, autonomous robotic vacuum), we summarize the standard number for your reference. IEC/EN 60335-2-69, IEC/EN 60312, ASTM F1977-04, IEC/ASTM 62885-7-2020, IEC 63327:2021

    Product - Differences Between Automatic Filter Tester D Series and D-Plus Series

    The product model SC-FT-1406D and SC-FT-1802D are the best sales Automatic Filter Tester before 2021, nearly 600 customers around the world have the tester. It is used for efficiency (PFE) and resistance test of filter media, mask (respirator) and filter (filter elements). Scince Purge brand automatic filter tester has been upgraded since December 2021. The model SC-FT-1406D is upgraded to SC-FT-1406D-Plus, and the model SC-FT-1802D is upgraded to SC-FT-1802D-Plus. In fact, we make product improvements all the way according to customers’ feedbacks. Recently, some new customers who have seen or used model D series come to inquire about the difference between the old and new models. This article will list the differences in configuration and the improvements made by the new model.

    Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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