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Automatic Material Test Equipment Mask Tester SC-FT-1802D-Plus

SC-FT-1802D-Plus automatic filter tester (Delta P) is designed to test the initial filter efficiency and resistance of filter material, and the differential pressure of the medical face mask.
It can meet the requirements for initial filter efficiency and resistance test of filter materials such as melt blown, electrostatic cotton, PTFE and glass fiber, as well as mask, filter and other industries. No loading test function.
The test results of this instrument are accurate and can be compared with TSI 8130.
SC-FT-1802 uses a single oily generator to generate oily aerosol and display the oily test results.
The adjustment of different test flow can be realized through the flow regulating valve at the prominent part of the panel.
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According to

1.Chinese standard GB 2626-2019

2.GB 19083-2010 

3.GB/T  32610-2016 

4.NIOSH 42 CFR Part 84

5.EN 149 

6.YY/T 0969-2013 Section 5.6 Ventilation resistance △P test, the test result unit is Pa / cm 2

7.YY 0469-2011 Section 5.7 Pressure Difference △P Test, the test result unit is Pa / cm 2

8.ASTM F2100-3.1.4 △P test, the test result unit is Pa / cm 2

9.EN 14683:2005  Medical mask for the differential pressure Delta P test part, the test result unit is Pa / cm 2


For the testing of filter efficiency, this instrument can achieve the test results of paraffin oil aerosol. 

Three modes can be used to test filter efficiency.

Mode 1: filter efficiency@0.3μm

Mode 2: It can provide the filter efficiency of PM1.0, PM2.5 and PM10 at the same time.

Mode 3: It can provide the filter efficiency of different particle size 0.3, 0.5, 1, 3, 5,10μm at the same time.

Adjustment of different test flow can be easily achieved through flow control valve. Common flow rates are 32L/min, 55L/min, 60L/min, 85L/min, 95L/min and so on.

The resistance test is completed and displayed at the same time as the filter efficiency test.

For differential pressure, the instrument provides a test area of 4.9 cm2.


Micro-computer control. The inner part of the instrument is chip. It can achieve miniaturization of the instrument and realize human-computer interaction through the touch screen. Intuitive display of test results, system status information and operation parameters, largely reduced the amount of staff training and improves work efficiency.

A test calibration method is provided, with a calibration filter attached to the instrument for regular calibration of the 0.3μm filter efficiency test result. Utilizing multiple point-to-point calibrations, the test data result can be compared with the TSI 8130 test data.

Comprehensive test data information. In order to facilitate user's analysis of the test situation, the instrument's test results contain test data and test conditions. In addition, the mainframe and respiratory resistance test units are equipped with special printers. Test results can be printed and saved directly.

Simple operation reduced the technical requirements of instrument operators, and thus greatly reduced the indirect use cost of this instrument.

Being easy to maintain and no parts tending to wear down lead to low maintenance costs of the instrument.


1.Used for filter media or mask testing, testing filter efficiency and resistance

2.Applicable to medical flat mask companies for the quality inspection of mask products, as well as the detection of raw materials.

Technical parameters



Test flow


Test area

100cm2/ 4.9cm2

Measurable resistance range

0-500Pa or 0~125Pa

Measurable differential pressure (Δ P) range

0-100Pa/cm 2

Test period

Can be set freely, minimum 30s

Laser particle counter

Six Channels, 0.3 0.5 1 3 5 10µm

Test aerosol

NaCl and Paraffin

Accuracy of flow meter


Accuracy of pressure gauge




Environment requirements 

Temperature: (25±5)℃

Power supply:220 VAC,50Hz/60Hz,1000W

Compressed air: >0.5 MPa,160L/min


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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