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Handheld Particle Counter SC-3016H

SC-3016H is a newly developed Handheld Particle Counter with laser sensor. It can be connected with PC data acquisition system, can be remotely controlled, and can directly observe the test conditions of the instrument. The test data can be analyzed and processed by computer and saved as Excel files.
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Using American microcomputer control and processing technology, semiconductor laser sensor technology and imported air pump, it has the characteristics of multi-function, high measurement accuracy, fast speed, easy to carry and simple operation.

Large storage space, can store 20000 groups of data, can use U disk to export data.

With Bluetooth printer, the test results can be printed.


The instrument can simultaneously measure the number of dust particles with multiple particle sizes by one sampling. The product has been widely used in the following scenarios:

Clean room testing of electronic manufacturing enterprises;

Field detection and leakage detection of filter;

It can be used in bio safety, HVAC system, computer room, beverage packaging environment, medicine, medical equipment production environment, hospital clean operating room, automobile spraying environment, microelectronics, biochemical products, food hygiene, fine chemical industry, precision machinery, aerospace and other production and scientific research departments;

HVAC and pharmaceutical enterprises and their supervision and management departments implement GMP standards and electronic production enterprises.

Technical Parameters

Light source

Semiconductor laser, life over 35000 hours

Sampling flow

2.83L/min (0.1ft3

Display mode

Liquid crystal display (LCD), real-time display, last cycle display, real-time concentration display, time, date, measured value, temperature and humidity, room number, sampling point, sampling times, battery power, state and other parameters, 95% UCL calculation, can directly display particle concentration (particles / m3)

Rechargeable battery

Lithium-ion battery, 7.4 V,2200mAh

Power supply

AC power adapter, AC :100V~245 V,50/60 Hz to DC: 7.4 V,1 A

working hours

6 hours (remaining power indication)

Counting mode

Cumulative value, difference value and concentration value

Test mode

Single, continuous, remote

Unit conversion

Units can be converted to m3

Particle size channel

0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10μm, and the six sizes are counted at the same time

Sampling period

1~10000(s) delay count: 0~99(S) self-cleaning time: ≤10 (min)

Working environment

Temperature: 10~40℃ (50~104℉) Relative humidity: 20~90%RH, no condensation. Atmospheric pressure: 86-106KPa

Temperature and humidity:

Optional (1) temperature: 0 ~ 50℃ 1℃.

 (2) humidity: 0 ~ 100% RH 5%

UCL settings

Sampling points (a): set from 2 to 9 points. Sampling times per point: (L)2~9 times. Set measuring position: 0-999

UCL report

Comply with ISO14644-1, GB50073-2001, GMP and FS-209E standards

Data storage

It can store 20,000 sets of data (circular buffer) (including particle size, data, environmental data, year, month, day, time, sampling amount and data location), and the data will not be lost after power failure.

Communication interface

RS232,9600 baud rate

Alarm settings

The instrument has a level alarm function, which can alarm that the battery voltage is too low after the clean room level 100, 1000, 10000, 10000 and 300000 exceeds the standard

Zero count

Meet the requirements of JJG-547-88 dust particle counter verification regulation JIS B9921:1997, less than one every five minutes

Overlapping error

5 %,2,000,000 grains/cubic foot


External Bluetooth printer





Standard configuration

Suitcase/charger, isokinetic sampling head, zero filter, connecting cable, USB flash drive, external Bluetooth printer

Optional items

Temperature and humidity sensor


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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