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Air Capture Hoods SC-FLY01

FLY-1Air Capture Hood adopts Pitot tube principle, measures the average air volume (m3/h), and automatically detects the wind pressure, which is correct, fast and simple. Equipped with movable support, it can be raised up to 2.2m (including 0.9m of air capture hood body), and can be raised to 3.1m as a whole.
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Multi-point air volume correction is carried out by the strict 0.5 standard wind tunnel calibration device, which provides reliable guarantee for users to directly measure air volume.

Products are divided into tuyere type and duct type, which can be displayed and measured individually, and can also be centrally displayed and managed by computers with multiple room tuyeres or multiple ducts.


Widely used in HVAC, purification technology and other industries to directly measure the air volume of vents and pipes, so as to implement comprehensive management of air volume of central air conditioning and automatic control of parameters such as temperature, humidity and cleanliness.

Instrument Composition

1. Capture hood: 570×570mm, 830×830mm, two specifications can be selected.

2. 7.2V battery and charger.

3. External printer.

4. Adjustable bracket.

Technical Parameters

1. Measurement range: 100~3500m3/h.

2. Relative error: 5% F.S.

3. No load resistance: ≤5Pa.

4. Data storage: air volume values of 1000 air outlets.

Environmental Requirements 

1. Temperature: 5℃~35℃.

2. Relative humidity: 30%~70%RH.

3. Power supply: DC6V.

4. It is forbidden to measure corrosive gas, gas containing metal particles and gas containing large particles and high concentration dust.


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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