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Clean Room Fogger SC-Y09-10

can produce high-concentration curtain water mist with high visibility and no pollution by using ultrasonic atomization principle. It is suitable for air flow pattern camera and photography in 1~10000 class clean factories and local clean environments. It can smoke continuously for more than 20min minutes. There is no measurable residual substance after water vapor is emitted in the clean room.

  • SC-Y09-10
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According to

ISO 14644-3, GMP.


Low noise, noise less than 50 dB.

The duration of smoking was longer than 20 minutes.


It is suitable for semiconductor, pharmaceutical and other clean workshop acceptance air flow direction evaluation, air flow parallelism test, etc.

It is used for laminar flow test in clean room and pressure balance test inside and outside the room.

Chemical treatment equipment exhaust system test, air duct leakage test, etc.

Technical Parameters

1. The optimum water addition: 4L.

2. Fogging capacity: ≥ 5500mL / h.

3. Particle size: 1 ~ 10μm. The concentration is more than 80%.

4. Dimensions: 310 * 210 * 210mm.

Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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