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Full Mask Non-powered Air-purifying Respirator PPE-MA

PPE-MA Full Mask Non-powered Air-purifying Respirator can be used to protect human face, nose, mouth and jaw with various filter boxes.

It is especially suitable for working environment with high toxic gas concentration and corrosiveness to face and skin.

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Product features

1. It can meet different protection requirements when use with our filter boxes.

2. Provide comfortable breathing space in harsh working environment to ensure

personal safety.
    3. One cover with dual-purpose, with three-point interface, which can be connected with threaded interface or card filter interface.

4. Double filter interface design, providing well-balanced weight distribution.

5. Five-point headband provides reliable firmness, which is suitable for people with various head types.

6. The cover is made of high-quality silica gel, which is safe and comfortable without peculiar smell. It is not easy to be allergic when worn for a long time.

7. The face screen adopts spherical design, with anti-glare function, impact resistance, scratch resistance and double-layer anti-fog, and the visual field is higher than 92%.

8. Built-in loudspeaker diaphragm makes communication more convenient.

9. Cold flow breathing valve, which reduces the accumulation of heat and moisture in the mask, and makes the exhalation smoother.


It is suitable for respiratory protection in transportation manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum and petrochemical, mining, electronics, electric power, construction manufacturing and other industries.

Main technical parameters

Optional accessories

Double filter element, filter cotton, single canister, breathing hose

Raw materials

Face cover:Silicone   Face screen:PC

Frame:ABS          Headband   band: high elastic nylon

Reference weight



Measured value

Inhalation resistance


Exhalation valve resistance


Total visual field


Binocular visual field


Lower visual field


Lens transmittance


Inward leakage


Dead space



Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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