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Stent Protective Mask PPE-KP95

PPE-KP95 Stent Protective Mask is used to protect particulate matter, acid gas odor and organic steam odor.

Use of foldable three-dimensional elastic stent innovatively, 160cm2 breathing chamber, reduce breathing resistance.

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The replaceable filter layer with 5 layers of composite material structure contains imported coconut shell activated carbon to effectively improve the adsorption performance of organic vapor and odor. It can be replaced and reused after the reasonable use time, which is more environment-friendly and economical.

Product features

1. Foldable three-dimensional elastic stent is made of PP material. Large breathing chamber and low breathing resistance. It is convenient to carry and reusable.

2. 5 layers of composite structure, spunbonded nonwoven fabric, water electret melt blown, high efficiency and low resistance electrostatic cotton, carbon particle filter layer, and high moisture permeability elastic cloth. It can effectively block all kinds of pollution, and can greatly reduce the internal pressure generated during breathing.

3. Elastic cloth sealing ring design, using high-quality elastic cloth, 360 skin-friendly fit, refreshing and comfortable without oppressive feeling.

4. E-type ear buckle, It can be changed from ear hanging type to neck wearing type.

5. Cotton elastic ear strap, soft, comfortable and elastic enough, without strangling pain when worn for a long time.

6. Cold-flow breathing valve, silica gel valve and one-way valve without leakage when inhaling, thus reducing exhalation resistance.


Used for individual respiratory protection, mainly used to protect oily particles.

It is suitable for occasions such as oil smoke hazard, high dust concentration of ore, coal, iron ore, cotton, flour, polishing and grinding, painting peculiar smell, decorating formaldehyde, and going out for cycling.

Main technical parameters

Filter efficiency: ≥95.0%@0.3μm, paraffin oil.

Inward leakage: ≤4%.

Inhalation resistance: about 120Pa.


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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