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Respirator Ex & Inhalation Resistance Tester SC-RT-1703KR

This instrument is used to test exhalation and inhalation resistance of masks. According to the different standards, the models are divided into SC-RT-1703GB, SC-RT-1703KR and SC-RT-1703EN.
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According to


GB standard adult head mold and child head mold can be selected according to test requirement.

According to:

1)GB 2626-2019, test flow at 85L/min. 

2)GB/T 38880-2020, test flow at 45L/min.

3)NIOSH 42CFR84, test flow at 85L/min.


Configured with Sheffield dummy head, inhalation and exhalation at 30L/min, according to Korea heath care mask standard.


Configured with Sheffield dummy head and head support frame, the respirator can be tested in five different directions: upper, lower, left, right and upright.

4 modes of rapid test:

1)Inhalation and exhalation resistance at 30/160(L/min).

2)Inhalation and exhalation resistance at 95/160(L/min).

3)Inhalation resistance at 30/95(L/min).

4)Exhalation resistance at 160(L/min).


After wearing the mask, press the test button and the test will be performed automatically, the test result can be directly displayed and printed. 

The touch screen can visually display test results, system status information and operating parameters, greatly reducing the amount of training for the user and improving work efficiency. 

Due to the simplicity of operation and maintenance and low maintenance costs, this instrument is suitable for the quality control of mask factory products. 

Technical Parameters


1. Flow meter range: 30~95L/min   Accuracy: 2.5%

2. Pressure gauge range: 0~500pa   Accuracy: 1%

3. GB adult and children dummy head


1.Flow meter range: 30~95L/min   Accuracy:2.5%

2.Pressure gauge range: 0~500pa   Accuracy: 1%

3.Sheffield dummy head


1.Flow meter range: 30~160L/min   Accuracy: 2.5%

2.Pressure gauge range: 0~500pa   Accuracy: 1%

3.Sheffield dummy head

Environment requirements

Power supply:AC220V 50/60Hz 





Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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