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Odor Gas On-line Monitoring System AQMS-11

Odor gas online monitoring system based on the sensor principle accurately measure NH3, H2S, odor OU value, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, dimethyl disulfide, carbon disulfide, trimethylamine, styrene and other pollutants concentration, real-time output alarm signal, can be directly used in sewage plant, waste incineration plant online measurement and environmental online measurement, with high measurement accuracy, good reliability, small maintenance, low operating cost.The system is widely used in environmental protection and safety, petrochemical industry, sewage treatment, waste treatment, iron and steel smelting and other industries, and can be used in the chemical industry parks, large venues, ports, warehouses and other complex environments, through the construction of the number of sensors According to the collection network and data communication system for real-time online monitoring and early warning.
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  • Scince

It can be directly installed in outdoor use, outdoor waterproof box, durable, support 24-hour continuous online monitoring, GPRS wireless transmission, support long-distance data transmission, and compatible with various system platforms; sensors, high precision and strong stability, low error rate; full range temperature and humidity compensation, to ensure long-term stability and reliable measurement value.


Original imported high performance sensor, high measurement accuracy, good stability and repeatability, long service life.

Have the history record function, can record the alarm information.

Embedded 32-bit ultra-low power processor, equipped with a unique signal processing algorithm, fast response speed.

Multi-stage pretreatment system is suitable for the complex environment of high temperature and high water vapor.

It can show the real-time concentration of the gas, and show the gas change process in detail.

With 2 RS-485 digital channel; one is connected to the gas detection module and the other is connected to the cloud;

Adopt long life pump, imported corrosion resistant sampling pump has long life, can work continuously for more than 10000h.

Excellent front-end pretreatment system, which can dry and filter the detected gas. Ensure that the gas detection is more accurate, more stable in use, and effectively prolong the life of the sensor.

All gas passages are made of corrosion-resistant materials to avoid adverse effects caused by corrosive gas.

All interfaces use excellent air tightness elements to ensure the effectiveness of gas detection.

Easy installation, maintenance, and disassembly.


Garbage recycling stations, waste incineration plants, breeding farms, etc.

Technical Parameters


Indicators or performance

Number of sensors

Standard 4, scalable according to user needs

Sensor type

1 Metal oxide sensor, 6 electrochemical sensors (NH3, H2S, methyl mercaptan, methyl sulfide, carbon disulfide, styrene), 2 PID sensors (trimethylamine, dimethyl disulfide)

Scope of detection


Concentration range:0~1000 OU,0~5000 OU;

Monitoring accuracy:0.1


Concentration range:0~10ppm,

Monitoring accuracy:0.001ppm


Concentration range:0~10ppm,

Monitoring accuracy:0.001ppm


Concentration range:0~20ppm,

Monitoring accuracy:0.001ppm

Methyl Mercaptan

Concentration range:0~20ppm,

Monitoring accuracy:0.001ppm

Methyl sulfide

Concentration range:0~20ppm,

Monitoring accuracy:0.001ppm

Dimethyl disulfide

Concentration range:0~20ppm,

Monitoring accuracy:0.001ppm

Carbon disulfide

Concentration range:0~20ppm,

Monitoring accuracy:0.001ppm


Concentration range:0~20ppm,

Monitoring accuracy:0.001ppm

Sampling pump flow


Detection cycle

Continuous monitoring, adjustable cycle

Data storage

Instrument self-storage; server data storage

Built-in computer

A 7-inch large screen with a high-performance embedded computer processing data;

Display the test results in real time, set up and modify the instrument parameters on site

Other functions

Automatic recovery function after power failure, real-time protection of monitoring data from loss;

Automatic temperature adjustment function;

Lightning strike protection function, surge protection function;

Communication device

4G communication

External power supply

AC110—250V.60 Hz,30W


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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