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Real-time Dust Monitoring System AQMS-03

AQMS-03 Real-time Dust Monitoring System is suitable for the rapid measurement of inhalable particulate matter concentration in atmospheric environment, and is an on-line environmental monitoring product for realizing the functions of monitoring pollutants exceeding the standard. Each monitoring unit is arranged in layers, integrating particulate matter monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, wind speed, wind direction and atmospheric pressure monitoring, and can also be equipped with video acquisition and transmission. Through the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology, the real-time, remote and automatic monitoring of particulate matter concentration, meteorological parameters and the collection, superposition and capture of live video are realized.
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This product can realize 24-hour long-time continuous automatic monitoring with high accuracy. Integrated structure, easy to install, strong and durable, and long outdoor running life.


Optical particle size cutting can monitor PM1.0, PM2.5, PM10.0 and TSP simultaneously.

It has sheath gas protection and gas path protection functions.

Increase flow feedback, realize constant current control, ensure the stability of sampling quantity and improve accuracy.

Dynamic dehumidification, PID temperature precise control and heating dehumidification ensure data accuracy.

The data is stable, and it has automatic zero calibration and wide-span calibration devices and functions.

Data transmission through 4G, 5G, RS232, and RS485 etc.

If the network is disconnected for continuous transmission, the offline data can be automatically continuously transmitted to the monitoring platform.

Easy installation, maintenance, and disassembly.


Construction sites, industrial and mining enterprises, stockyards and docks, etc.

Technical Parameters

Monitoring parameters


Concentration range


Monitoring accuracy


Sampling period

6-9999 seconds (default 60s)

Operational environment

Atmosphere, factory boundary

Communication method


Storage capacity

> 530,000 articles

Power supply source

AC 220V

Maximum power



800mm*260mm*600 mm

Whole machine weight



Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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