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Portable Multi Gas Detector AQMS-10

AQMS-10 Portable Multi Gas Detector is a kind of leak detection alarm device which can be flexibly configured with single or multiple gas sensors. Standard configuration of combustible gas and oxygen sensors, optional two kinds of toxic gas sensors, with excellent sensitivity and excellent stability, timely remind operators in complex and uncertain toxic and harmful gas environment. Use dot matrix LCD display, support Chinese and English interface and Chinese and English voice, international export certification, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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Small, light and sturdy.

LCD display continuously displays the gas concentration in real time.

Voice acousto-optic alarm, two-stage acousto-optic earthquake alarm.

Standard rechargeable lithium battery (charging time is less than 3h, meeting 14h working time).

Real-time alarm of sensor failure.

Real-time concentration display with adjustable high and low report.

IP54 waterproof and dustproof design.


All places where toxic and harmful gases and combustible gases need to be tested.

Technical Parameters

Detection gas

1-4 kinds of gases such as combustible gas,   oxygen gas and toxic gas

Detection principle

Electrochemical principle (poisonous gas and   oxygen), combustible gas (catalytic combustion LEL)


1PPM or 1%LEL

Response time

T90<30 seconds

Display method

STN Chinese and English liquid crystal display

Working environment

Temperature -20℃-+58℃ humidity 5%-95%RH without condensation

Alarm mode

Two-level sound, light and earthquake triple   alarm

Sound prompt

Voice alarm prompt


DC3.6V 1600MA rechargeable lithium ion battery

Working hours

Combustible gas ≮8h oxygen, toxic gas ≮14

Protection grades


Explosion-proof grade

Exia II CT4

Dimensions and weight



Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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