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VOCs On-line Monitoring System AQMS-08

AQMS-08 VOCs On-line Monitoring System is mainly used to monitor whether the emission standards of atmospheric pollutants stipulated by the state are met when volatile organic compounds are continuously discharged.


According to the source of pollutants, the grid monitoring system of industrial park is established. The regional grid monitoring system adopts the unit grid management method, and according to the concept of "fixing the net, setting the responsibility according to the grid, setting the responsibility according to the people", the regional grid monitoring platform of "horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end" is established, and a number of intelligent environmental protection technologies are applied and integrated. On the basis of comprehensively mastering and analyzing the emission of pollution sources and meteorological factors, the model based on Gaussian algorithm is adopted for development. Real-time statistics of monitoring equipment data of each plant area and monitoring point, and analysis and prediction of the overall emission situation in the region according to the emission situation of each monitoring point and its meteorological conditions. The whole monitor of VOCs emission area is realized,The functions of pollutant diffusion trend estimation, emission source analysis, etc., combined with advanced technologies such as Internet of Things, intelligent acquisition system, geographic information system, dynamic chart system, etc., integrated, shared and developed, and established a comprehensive, refined, information-based and intelligent regional online monitoring platform to achieve comprehensive management of controlling unorganized emission of pollution sources and reducing air pollution. To provide reliable data information and scientific auxiliary management decisions for making energy saving and emission reduction plans.


Adopting PID sensor, the response is sensitive and fast.

Safe operation, no need to use flammable and explosive gases such as hydrogen.

And is suitable for detect VOC gas in various industrial environments.

Built-in full Netcom DTU module, data can be transmitted to EPA.

Real-time test data display by curve.

Automatic unmanned operation of the whole system, simple operation, self-checking and error alarm functions.


Atmospheric monitoring in chemical plants, power plants, incineration stations, ports, sewage treatment plants and other places.

Technical Parameters

Detection parameters

Total emission concentration of VOC, VOCs, TVOC,   non-methane total hydrocarbon, benzene series, etc

Detection principle

PID (British alpha sensor)

Detection method

Fixed pumping online long-term continuous   detection

Measuring range

0-500PPM(μ mol/mol) (optional, range not listed   can be customized)

Discrimination rate


Indication error

≤ 10% F.S (actual concentration, higher accuracy   requirements are determined according to sensor performance)



Zero drift

≤ 5% (f.s/year)

Range drift

≤ 5% (f.s/year)

Response time

≤15 seconds (T90)

Recovery time

≤20 seconds

Explosion-proof mark of detector

Exd II CT6

Protection grades

Tester IP66, whole machine IP54

Working temperature

-20℃-+200℃ (customized for special requirements)

Working humidity

≤95%RH, no condensation (humidity > 90%RH,   condensation can be equipped with filter)

Relative humidity

10%-95%RH, the instrument has built-in full   temperature and humidity compensation function

Power supply source



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