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Gas Alarm System AQMS-02

AQMS-02 Gas Alarm System adopts imported intelligent gas sensor with high sensitivity and precision. The product is used to detect the leakage of combustible or toxic gases in industrial environment. The whole detector adopts flameproof structure to ensure safety.



Imported high-performance sensors have high measurement accuracy, good repeatability and long service life.

Adopt independent 16-bit AD chip and 4-layer circuit board design, which has stronger anti-interference ability.

The units of mg/m3, ppm, VOL and LEL can be selected.

The embedded 32-bit ultra-low power processor is adopted, and the response speed is fast.

Automatic protection against high concentration gas.

It has the function of restoring factory settings to prevent misoperation.

The instrument is equipped with infrared remote controller, which is easy and convenient to operate without opening the cover.

Three-wire 4-20mA, RS485 signal output optional, relay output.

The explosion-proof grade is Exd II CT6, certified by the national explosion-proof electrical inspection center.


Petroleum and petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, gas, fire protection, municipal administration, chemical industry, shipping, electric power, process control, sewage treatment, emergency rescue monitoring and other industries.

Technical Parameters

Detection principle

Electrochemistry (Honeywell, USA)

Measuring range

0-1, 0-10, 0-100 (special range can be   customized)



Discrimination rate


Sampling mode

Free diffusion type, online continuous   detection

Indication error

≤±3% FS



zero drift

≤ 1% (fs/year)

Response time

≤20 seconds (T90), (higher requirement depends   on sensor performance)

Power supply source

12-30V DC


≤2.5 W(DC24V)

Ambient pressure


Ambient temperature

-20℃-+60℃ (typical value), -40℃-+80℃ (limit   value)

Ambient humidity

10%-95%RH (without condensation)

Explosion proof sign

Ex d II CT6

Protection grades



180mm*140mm*92mm (height * width * thickness)


About 1.6Kg (aluminum alloy shell)

Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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