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Automated HEPA/ULPA Filter Scanning Test System EN 1822 ISO 29463

For H10-U17 filter testing. Both panel filter and V-bank filter can betested.
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  • SC-L8023U

  • Scince

According to

EN 1822-4,1S0 29463-4,EN 1822-5IsO 29463-5,GB/T 6165, etc

Test indexes

  • Filter efficiency

  • Pressure drop

  • Air volume vs. resistance(pressure drop) curve

  • Leak detection by scan method


  • Horizontaldesign,filtersplacedhorizontally. The total length is 5.7 m,small footprint.

  • Automated scanning, just install thefilter and set up the work order.

  • With Lighthouse partice counters, canperform full coverage point by pointscanning leak detection for ULPA filters.

  • Automatically generate a leak map, thenuse the manual leak rescan toaccurately locate the leak points.

  • Automatic aerosol concentration adjustment for greater convenience.

  • Particle counters self-cleaning, savinglabor and extending service life.

  • The equipment can be invested instages. 1 probe model, can be upgradedto 4 probes.

  • More than 10 tests, including counter and system self-cleaning,dust generation stability, and concentration uniformity, etc., ensure the stability and reliability

  • If equipped with integral flow hood integral filter efficiency can be determined.

Software and Results

PLC and computer control data collection anddevice actions, with a data collection time ofmilliseconds. The computer analyzes the dataand displays segmented two-dimensional images on LCD screen, real-time observation of the entire scanning and testing process.

test filter

A4 report will generated automatically afterthe test, and all information will reflect in thereport. 3D image can be generated.

filter tester

Configure a label printer, test results can beprinted as adhesive label, pasted on the filter.

Technical Data

Flow rate: 500~4500 m3/h

Differentia pressure: Range 0~500 Pa, Accuracy 士1% F·S

Filter dimensions: Max.1260x1260x400mm

                             Min.150x150x50mm(1 probe)

                                    350x150x50mm(4 probe)

Filter classes: H10~U17, 85%~99.9999995%@0.1um

Test aerosol: DEHS

Particle counter: 8 channels, 0.1,0.15,0.2,0.25,0.3,0.5,0.7,1.0um

Scan speed: <10 cm/s

Sampling probes: 1 or 4 probes, 66X15mm

Compressed air supply: >7 kg/cm2

Power supply: AC 380V 50Hz

Dimensions: 5700x1800x1800mm


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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