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Installed Filter System Leakage Test System

Installed filter system leakage test system consists of photometer and generator, comply with ISO 14644-3 B.6.3, used for leakage test of installed filter system in cleanroom. It can also be used for leakage test of filter and filter system.
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  • SC-L8013

  • Scince


Cold and thermal generators are optional. Cold aerosol generator is suitable for single point leak detection, thermal aerosol generator is suitable for multi-point online leak detection.

Various types of aerosols can be used in the generator, and the aerosol concentration is high, continuous and stable.

The aerosol photometer adopts Android system, equipped with excellent air pump and light source. With stable system, fast response speed and strong data processing ability.

7-inch touch screen is convenient for system operation, observation and data reading.

The sampling probe and photometer are connected quickly, and the probe LCD screen can display the set value and leakage rate.

3 mode reports are available. Equipped with a printer and data interface used for printing or transmitting test results.

The alarm value can be set. When the leakage rate exceeds the set alarm value, the alarm mode will be triggered.



Used for leakage test of installed filter system, verify whether the clean room facilities have bypass leakage (Including filter frame and sealing washer, filter mounting bracket), and whether the filter is defective. Including cleanrooms in nuclear facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical facilities & cleanrooms, biosafety cabinets & fume hoods.

Use the generator to inlet the test aerosol in the upwind direction of the filter, then scan the filter, support frame, etc. in the downwind direction, or sample in the downstream sampling pipe.

Technical parameters

1. Aerosol:PAO、DOP、DOS、DEHS etc.

2. System Flow Rates:Thermal-14~1983 m3/min;Cold-1.4~56.6 m3/min。

3. Aerosol Output at Max Concentration:Thermal -100ug/L@200 m3/min, 10ug/L@200 m3/min; Cold -100ug/L@200 CFM, 10ug/L@2000 CFM.

4. Particle Distribution:Thermal –comply with ANSI/ASME N509/510 standard.

5. Sampling Flow of Aerosol Photometer:2.83L/min (1CFM).

6. Sensitivity: 1% of readings >0.01%~100%.

7. Repeatability:1% of readings >0.01%~100%.

8. Auto Zero:Automatically establishes zero reading at startup.

9. Dimensions:Aerosol photometer 260(W)×160(H)×360(D)mm; Thermal aerosol generator 430(W)×120(H)×360(D)mm; Cold aerosol generator 430(W)×298(H)×268(D)mm.

Environment requirements

1. Compressed Air:0.6~0.8MPa.

2. Power:AC 220V, 50/60 Hz.


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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