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Chemical Gas Filtration Performance Tester

SC-13011 CG Chemical Gas Filtration Performance Tester is used to test the filtration performance of filter media and small filters for gas. It is designed and manufactured according to ISO 10121-1. High precision flow meter is adopted to ensure the accuracy of test flow. Two gas detectors to simultaneously monitor and measure the gas concentration at the upstream and downstream to improve the detection accuracy and test speed.
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  • SC-13011 CG

  • Scince


Self developed user-friendly software, relying on Windows system:

a. It is convenient for test process control, test status display, data collection and data analysis and statistics.

b. Unlimited storage.

c. Remote system upgrade and technical support.

d. During the test, the curve is displayed in real time.

The efficiency VS time curve and the adsorption VS time curve are displayed in the same chart, convenient for data analysis.

Different fixtures can be configured to test different sizes of air filter media and small filters.

Bypass exhaust system is adopted to ensure the gas volume is stable and no leakage when the sample is under test, put in or removed.

Negative pressure design, with high system safety. During the test and replacement of test samples, the operation is under negative pressure to ensure there is no overflow of chemical gas. At the same time, the exhaust fan has a delay setting to ensure the chemical gas in the pipeline enters the excess gas absorption device.

Test results are automatically stored and printed. Build-in thermal printer or label printer, and the test results can be printed directly. After the test is completed, A4 report will be automatically generated, and customers can query and print.


Test index: differential pressure (resistance), filter efficiency VS time curve, adsorption VS time curve, desorption.

Used for R & D and quality control of gas filter media.

It is used to test the gas filtration performance of the raw materials of filters of road vehicle air-conditioning.

It is used test the gas filtration performance of the raw materials of filters of air purifier.

It is used test the gas filtration performance of small filters.


Technical parameters

1. Test air volume: 3~30 m3/h, can be customized.

2. Test gases: H2S, SO2, NH3, C7H8, etc.

3. Test area: <20×20cm.

4. Pressure range: 0~500 Pa, 0~1000 Pa, 0~3000 Pa, you can choose one.

5. Test period: can be set freely, minimum >5s.

6. Gas analyzer: according to test gas, PID, electrochemical, infrared, etc. For Toluene: measuring range 100ppm, accuracy ± 2% F•S, resolution 0.01ppm.

7. Accuracy of pressure gauge: 1%.

8. Dimensions ( L*W*H) : 750×800×1750mm (Excluding gas cylinder and fan).

9. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz, 2000W.


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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