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FEH Air Filter Test System Flat, V-Bank, Bag Filter and Filter Cartridge

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  • SC-7099

  • Scince


For F6-F9,H10-H14 classes filter testing.

The basic version is used for filtrationperformance testing with DESH aerosol.

With additional module SC-189 dust feeder,dust holding capacity can be tested.

Equipped with SC-189, the following indexes can also be tested: dust holding capacity, arrestance, pressure drop vs. dust load, arrestance vs. dust load, etc,.

According to

ISO 16890, EN 779,ASHRAE 52.2, etc.

Test indexes

  • Air volume vs. resistance(pressure drop) curve.

  • Fractional efficiency.

  • ePM 1.0, ePM 2.5, etc.

  • Dust holding capacity.

  • Arrestance (gravimetric efficiency) VS dust load.

  • Resistance VS dust load Efficiency@0.4um VS dust load.

  • Fractional efficiency VS different final resistance.

Air Filtration Performance Test System


  • Extended test filtration efficiency range, class F6 to F9 and H10 to H14, smaller investments in machinery.

  • Automatic aerosol concentration regulation for greater convenience.

  • More auto-design, e.g. counter switching, consumables change reminders, compressed air pressurealerts, etc.

  • Lower cost of maintenance and use,high stability, especially for long-term test use in factories.

  • Plate filters, V-tank filters, bag and cylinder filters are all covered for testing

  • Simple to attach. Only 10 screws to attach and the wires are plugged indummy-proof.

  • Good stability and high reliability. More than 10 tests need to be conducted, including counter and system self-cleaning, dust generation stability, and concentration uniformity, etc.

Software and Results

Independently developed software system with clear interface.

Product information, function selection, test results, etc. are displayed in fixed area.

filter tester

2 ways of printing test results on A4 reports oradhesive labels.

filter tester

Technical Data

Flow rate: Model 1: 150~1500 m3/h

                 Model 2: 500~3500 m3/h

                 Model 3: 500~4500 m3/h

Differential pressure: Range-0~500, PaAccuracy-士1%F·S

Test aerosol: DEHS, KCI

Loading dust: ISO 12103 A2, ISO 12103 A4, ASHRAE 52.2 dust

Particle counter: 6 channels, 0.3,0.5,1.0,3.0,5.0,10.0 um

Filter efficiency range: 45%-99.995%@0.3μm

Dilution ratio: 80~100

Compressed airsupply: 5~8 kg/cm2

Power supply: AC 380V,50Hz

Dimensions: 3350x1800x1900 mm(M1)

                     4500x1900x1900 mm(M2)

                     4500x2000x1900 mm(M3)


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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