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General Ventilation Air Filter Test System SC-16890A

It is used for the performance test of Class F filters. It can test the resistance, ePM1.0, ePM2.5, ePM10.0, and the flow resistance curve of various types of filters, including flat, W-type, bag and cylindrical filters.


Significant advantages

The filter to be tested can be conveniently installed in the test fixture. Test aerosol and clean air are evenly mixed and passed through the tested filter. Resistance and filter efficiency are obtained by detecting the pressure difference and concentration difference downstream and upstream of the filter. Filters are graded according to their average efficiency.

Adopt the upper computer software system and the control main-board to form the electrical control cabinet, which ensures the stability of the control system.

Adopt advanced online monitoring software system, after install filter - input filter parameters - set test flow - adjust aerosol concentration, the test system complete self-cleaning and particle number judgment automatically, then start the test, and the test results are reflected on computer LCD. To obtain the air volume data under different resistances, it is necessary to set the test air volume (as a percentage of rated air volume) in the software, and up to 9 air volumes can be set. Then start the flow resistance test, the software automatically completes the test and displays the test results.

The start and stop of the aerosol generator, the conversion of the upstream and downstream laser particle counter, and inflation and sealing all are automatically controlled by the corresponding solenoid valves.

The test system works under negative pressure, the air volume is set by software, and the frequency converter is used to realize the automatic control of the air volume.

Functions such as test report printing, label printing, and database management are available.

By-pass diluter is adopted in the system, with large dilution ratio and reliability.

Technical parameters

1.    Output air volume: 500 ~ 3500m3/h.

2.    Air volume error: ≤ 5% (variable frequency control is adjustable).

3.    Maximum size of testable filter: 610mm×610mm×120mm. The minimum size is limited by the minimum test flow.

4.    Aerosol: DEHS or KCl.

5.    Sampling flow: 2.83l/min, ±5%.

6.    Measurable resistance range: 0~500Pa.

Working conditions

1.    Voltage: AC 380V,50Hz (three-phase five-wire system).

2.    Power: 2500W.

3.    Temperature: ( 23 ± 5) ° C.

4.    Relative humidity: (20~70)%RH.

5.    Atmospheric pressure:68~106kPa.

6.    Gas supply: 5~8kg/ cm2.

Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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