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Automatic Filter Media Tester for HEPA Filter SC-FT-1406DH-Plus

SC-FT-1406DH-Plus Automatic Filter Tester is different from other ordinary filter efficiency tester because of its excellent performance in high efficiency test range and accurate data. It is applicable to some high filter efficiency test requirements, such as H13 and H14 filter materials, P100 and N100 respirators, and products with high requirements for the accuracy of test results are used as quality inspection. Optional imported 0.1μm counter, can test ULPA filters.
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Oil and salt dual aerosol test, an additional clean air supply system is required to ensure clean, dry air to the tester.

Switching between different test aerosol is simple operation on the touch screen.

10 inch Android screen, more convenient for operation and recording, and can realize remote data calibration.

The adjustment of different test flows can be realized through the flow regulating valve at the prominent part of the panel, which can be adjusted in the range of 0-99.9l/min.

The resistance test is completed and displayed at the same time as the filter efficiency test.

For filter efficiency and resistance, the test area provided by this instrument is 100cm2, and other test areas need to be processed by users according to their needs.


Automatic switching between oil and salt aerosol. When the test aerosol needs to be switched, select the aerosol on the touch screen, and the system automatically switches without manual switch and pipeline replacement.

Micro computer control, the inner part of the instrument is chip. It can achieve miniaturization of the instrument and realize human-computer interaction through the touch screen. Intuitive display of test results, system status information and operation parameters, largely reduced the amount of staff training and improves work efficiency.

A test calibration method is provided, with a calibration filter attached to the instrument for regular calibration of the 0.3μm filter efficiency test result. Utilizing multiple point-to-point calibrations, and the modified file is imported into the device through U disk. The test results can be compared with TSI 8130 test data.

Simple maintenance and low maintenance cost.


Used for filter media testing, test indexes include initial filter efficiency and resistance.

It is applicable to manufacturers of H13 and H14 grade filter materials, such as melt blown, electrostatic cotton, glass fiber, new filter materials, etc. for product quality inspection.

It is used by research units to study the performance of filter media.

Used for quality control of raw materials of EPA filter and HEPA filter manufacturers.


Easy to use, in 40s an automatic test will be completed.

With filter media flat placed on the lower part of the fixture, pressing the two closed buttons simultaneously to close the fixture. The pneumatic cylinder quickly presses the upper part of the clamp down and starts the test. Aerosols produced by generator enter into the downstream through upper fixture and filter materials. Two detectors simultaneously measure the upstream and downstream aerosol concentration of the filter material.

The filter efficiency/permeability of the filter is obtained by the ratio of upstream and downstream aerosols concentration. A high-sensitivity electronic pressure sensor measures the resistance of the filter and the system flow.

When the test is finished, the fixture will turn on automatically. Choosing to print data result means displaying on the screen and printing filter efficiency, resistance and test result as well as test condition data etc.

Technical parameters

Test range of filter efficiency: 99%~99.99995%

Test flow: 0-99.9L/min

Test area: 100cm2 Circle (other test areas can be realized by customized fixture)

Test resistance: 0-500Pa, 0-125Pa Optional 

Test period: can be set freely, minimum 30S

Particle counter: 6 channels, 0.3.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0μm

Test medium: NaCl, Oil (Paraffin oil or DEHS)

Accuracy: Flow meter 2%

Micro manometer 1%

Dimensions( L×W×H ): 740mm×740mm×1480mm

Environment requirements 

Temperature: (23±5)°C

Power supply: 220 V AC, 50Hz or 60Hz, 1000W

Air compression: >0.5 MPa 160L/min  

Clean air source system(optional)

Air compressor: air storage capacity 160L,

                           pressure 0.7MPa, 

                           exhaust volume 520L / min, 

                           Voltage 380V or 220V, 

                            power 6kw

High precision filter: treatment capacity≥ 1m3 / min, 

                                                           pressure≤ 0.8MPa

Freeze dryer: treatment capacity≥ 1 m3 / min, 

                       pressure≤ 1 MPa, 

                       voltage 220 v

Pressure reducing valve: pressure ≤ 1MPa, 

                                         pressure regulating range 0.5-0.9MPa   


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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