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Cabin Air Filter Test System SC-11155

It is designed and manufactured according to ISO 11155-1, DIN 71460-1《Road vehicles - Air filters for passenger compartments - Part 1: Test for particulate filtration》. It is used for the performance test of air filters for passenger compartments (cabin), including resistance to airflow test, fractional efficiency test and dust capacity test.
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Adopt imported well-known brand particle counters, differential pressure meter and other components to ensure the test accuracy.

After the test is completed, the report will generate automatically, and all the test data will be reflected in the report. The user can choose to print or save it. Test results are safe and traceable.

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With intelligent control components of PLC and PC, the software interface is clear and easy to operate. The operator can quickly master the use of this equipment.

Dust generator is equipped with a current stabilizing device to ensure the adjustment speed and stability of the dust concentration.

Advanced modular system and software are adopted to facilitate remote after-sales maintenance and upgrading.

Technical parameters

1. Output air volume: 70 ~ 700 m3/h, ±5%.

2. Pressure differential:0~1000 Pa, ±1%.

3. Aerosol: KCl or A2/A4 dust.

4. Particle counter: Topas LAP-322, 0.3μm~10.0 μm.

5. Efficiency range: 40%~99.5%.

6. Filter size: ≤300mm×600mm.

7. Air flow speed uniformity error: ≤10%.

8. Aerosol uniformity error:


5μm~10μm≤±20% (for efficiency).

9. Dust generator: Palas RDG-1000.

10. Dimensions: 4000mm×800mm×2500mm.

Working conditions

1. Voltage: AC 380V, 50Hz (three-phase five-wire system).

2. Temperature: ( 23 ± 5) ° C.

3. Relative humidity: (45 ± 10)%RH.


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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