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POGO pin Life Cycle Test System SC-LCR2117

SC-LCR2117 POGO pin Life Cycle Test System is used to test the probe life cycle and resistance. The test system consists of testing machine, micro resistance acquisition module, 3 product test bench, PLC control system and computer software system.

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It is used to test the probe life cycle and resistance.  

Using cam structure to circulate disc pressure probe to complete the life cycle test.

Complete resistance measurement during disc pressure interval.

Multiple blocks can be tested at once.

Support up to 96PIN relay tests, with 32 pins by default.

Support test pause, resume, and interrupt.  

Test results are automatically saved and can be analyzed afterwards.  

The data can be exported to EXCEL to form EXCEL reports.  


Controlled by a PC, the device realized human-computer interaction, which is convenient for operators to operate and observe the test situation.  

The millisecond time, large density, fast speed and extensive number of data acquisition make the performance much higher than other similar products that rely on manual data collection.  

High accuracy, multiple functions.

The software system fully considers the convenience of manual operation to reduce the test error caused by manual operation.  

Reports of test result will be automatically generated for easy statistics.


The device is mainly used to test indicators of the POGO pin, including the life cycle, resistance.  

The product is suitable for product quality control of the POGO pin manufacturer, and the POGO pin factory as the means of incoming products inspection.  

Main Technical Parameters




Product test platform


Multiple blocks can be tested at the same time. The default is 1

Max speed of CAM disc pressure


Relay module


Can be extended to96PIN



Computer size is not included

Power supply




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