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Automatic Gluing System for Air Filter SC-FM2209

Automatic glue injection for W-type (V-type) filters.
It is composed of primary glue filling, turn-over station, secondary glue filling, conveyor belt, glue supply system, control cabinet, etc.
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Under the normal operation of the equipment, the production capacity per hour is 90~100PCS.

Controlled by multiple metering pumps, the glue ratio is stable and the glue injection is more uniform.

The glue injection station adopts servo module, equipped with three-axis control system, with simple interface, convenient operation and stable performance.

The hose adopts professional Teflon hydraulic tube, which is anti-crystallizing and high-pressure resistant.

Main Components of the System

1. Glue injection station

1) Manual feeding, the conveyor line runs after the sensor senses the product, until the glue position sensor is triggered, the product is blocked by the blocking cylinder, and the glue injection operation is performed.

2) After the glue injection is completed, the blocking cylinder is retracted and the conveyor line runs until the discharge sensor is triggered, and the blocking cylinder is reset.

3) The default amount of glue injection on one side of the filter is 0.8kg (adjustable).

4) The maximum stroke of X axis: 750mm; the maximum stroke of Z axis: 350mm.

5) The product orientation adopts the light bar guardrail; the product positioning adopts the blocking cylinder with the travel switch.

2. Glue supply system

1) Both the A and B plastic buckets have a heating function, and the B tape has a stirring function.

2) The two glue supply systems are equipped with a total of 18 metering pumps and 4 drive motors.

3) The metering pump and the glue valve supply glue one-to-one, and the glue ratio is stable.

4) The drive adopts two-motor chain drive, which drive the A and B metering pump groups respectively, realize the simultaneous start and stop of multiple metering pumps, and improve the accuracy and consistency of glue output.

5) About 200 products can be produced when the plastic buckets A and B are full.

3. Turn-over station

1) The product flows into the turning station, the sensor senses the product, the product is blocked by the blocking cylinder, and the conveying line stops.

2) The clamping cylinder acts, the left and right clamping arms are clamped, the clamping plate and the floating plate clamp both sides of the product in place, the lifting cylinder action lifts the product, and the floating plate positioning cylinder retracts; °, the floating plate positioning cylinder extends, the lifting cylinder drops the product, and the clamping cylinder resets and releases the product.

3) Block the cylinder from retracting, the conveyor line runs to the waiting position for the second injection, and block the cylinder from being reset.

Technical parameters



Operation method

Three-axis control handle


Touch screen HMI

Glue ratio


Proportioning accuracy


Measurement accuracy


Plastic bucket capacity

100L, can be customized

Drum heating

A and B barrels are heated separately

Bucket mixing

B bucket with stirring

Glue supply method

Glue supply by metering pump, 18

Gue flow

0.5~27g\/s, adjustable

Anti-curing function

Time can be set freely

Gas source


Rated power


Ambient temperature



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