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HEPA Quality Control Filter Tester Equipment SC-7099

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It is used for the performance test of HEPA filters, and F6-H14 filter products of different grades can be tested. Flat plate, W-type, bag type, cylinder filter can be tested.

The test result is the overall counting efficiency @ 0.3um、@0.5um, ePM2.5,and resistance, air flow-resistance curve.

Significant advantages

The filter to be tested can be conveniently installed in the test fixture. Test aerosol and clean air are evenly mixed and passed through the tested filter. Resistance and filter efficiency are obtained by detecting the pressure difference and concentration difference downstream and upstream of the filter. Filters are graded according to their average efficiency.

Adopted the main control board and upper computer software system to ensure the stability of the control system.

The advanced on-line monitoring software system is adopted. Install the filter, input the filter parameters, set the test flow and adjust the aerosol concentration, then the test automatically completes the following process: self purification, particle number judgment, and test. The test results are reflected on the computer LCD display, which is clear at a glance. If resistance data under different air volume are needed, please set the test air volume in the software (set by the percentage of rated air volume). 

The start and stop of the aerosol generator, the conversion of the upstream and downstream laser particle counter, and inflation and sealing all are automatically controlled by the corresponding solenoid valves.

The HEPA filter tester uses positive pressure, sets the air volume through software, and uses the frequency converter to realize automatic control of air volume.

Functions such as test report printing, label printing, and database management are available.

The filter tester system uses a bypass diluter with large dilution ratio and reliability.

Technical parameters

1.Output air volume: 

The conventional model is150-1500m3 / h.

At the same time, the product has different configurations, which can be used to meet the selection of different test air volume ranges. The minimum air volume 50 m3 / h and the maximum air volume can reach 3500 m3 / h.

2.Pressure range: 0~500Pa, accuracy 2%.

3.Particle size: ≥0.3μm.

4.Aerosol: DEHS.

5.Sampling flow: 2.83L/min, 6 channels, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0μm.

6.Filter efficiency range: 45%~99.995%@0.3μm.

7.Maximum size of the filter can be tested: 

Flat filter and W-type filter: 745mm × 610mm × 350mm;

Bag filter: 750mm × 610mm × 300mm;

Cylinder filter: φ455mm×350mm.

If you need to test wider or thicker filters, we can provide customized services.


Main testing equipment: 3380mm×1800mm×1900mm.

The equipment size will vary with the air volume range.

Working conditions

1.Voltage: AC 380V,50Hz.

2.Power: 2500W.

3.Temperature: ( 23 ± 5) ° C.

4.Relative humidity: (20~70)%RH.

5.Gas supply: 5~8kg/ cm2.


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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