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Filter Element Resistance Test System SC-R9013-5000

  • SC-R9013-5000
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This instrument is used for resistance test of various grades of plate, w-type and cartridge filters.

Used for products online testing for filter factory.

Significant advantages

1. Support customization. Output air volume, testable filter size can be customized.

2. Easy operation. Filters of different shapes and sizes can be tested by replace the template. One test can be completed in 10s after installed the filter and input the test parameters.      

3. User-friendly interface. 10-inch touch screen, the parameters that need to be entered is easy to understand, and does not require high expertise.

4. Good expansibility. The test bench can be upgraded, and the manual scanning and leakage detection function of plate filter can be added according to the needs of customers.

5. Good for quality control. Optional data acquisition software, test results can be printed as A4 report or label, test data can be inquired in database through a computer. It is convenient to monitor product quality.

6. The air volume is stable. The air volume is set by software and the inverter is used to realize the automatic air volume control.

7. Safe and reliable. Intrinsic safety was strictly considered through the design and manufacture process.


It is suitable for resistance test of various grades of plate, cartridge, and w-type filters. Leakage detection by manual scanning for plate filter can be realized on upgraded version.

The main technical parameters

Air volume: 200 ~ 5000m3/h are optional, ± 5% (frequency conversion control). Support customization.

Resistance range: 0 ~ 500Pa and 0 ~ 1000Pa are optional.

Testable filter size: customized according to customer products.

Environment requirements

Temperature: 23 ° C ± 5 ° C;

Relative humidity: 55% RH±15%.


Designed for manufacturers, we provide filtration-testing equipment, which are easy to operate, practical and durable to use.

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