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The Importance of Mask Testing for Ensuring Safety

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Since 2019, viral outbreaks pose significant threats to public health, such as COVID-19 and its variants, influenza A, and RSV. They lead to people becoming worse and more susceptible to viral infections, and many people even lose their lives due to the sequelae or complications of viral infections.

In daily life, the use of face masks is essential for safeguarding individuals and communities. However, it is crucial to ensure the effectiveness of masks through rigorous testing. The mask testing ensures the effectiveness of this method. Its importance is self-evident. This blog explores the importance of mask testing, its role in preventing viral infections, and how to choose the right masks for different situations. Additionally, we provide advice on selecting reliable mask testers.

Here is the content list:

1. Masks effectively block the spread of viruses

2. The necessity of mask testing

3. Main indicators in mask testing

4. Selecting reliable mask testers

Masks effectively block the spread of viruses

Early studies on whether masks have an effect on viruses can be traced back to the SARS period in 2003, but on the one hand, they were limited by the level of mask development at that time, and on the other hand, the SARS epidemic was relatively short and there were not enough samples, so no universally accepted conclusion was formed.

Later on, various research institutions used influenza as an object of study and concluded that "masks can prevent droplet transmission and reduce the risk of virus transmission". However, this conclusion has not been widely accepted worldwide.

In the beginning COVID-19 outbreak, few countries other than China wore masks, and the government and health authorities have no regulations in this aspect either. Later, as the situation developed, western countries gradually realized and accepted that "wearing masks, washing hands and disinfecting regularly, and keeping social distance" could prevent droplets with the virus from infecting others, thus reducing the infection rate.

And here are some tips on choose masks for different occasions:

1. Disposable medical masks can be worn in low-crowded or low risk of infection (with risk of infection) situations.

2. N95/KN95 and above class masks need to be worn in crowded or high risk of infection occasions.

3. Doctors, nurses and other medical workers, because of the special nature of the work, often contact with people carrying various viruses, should wear medical N95 masks.

4. Older people, children and some adults with underlying diseases have weaker heart and lung functions, and if they need to wear them, they should try to choose masks with low resistance.

The necessity of mask testing

Unstable factors may lead to disqualifications

As countries have recognized the role of masks against viruses, there is a shortage of masks. Many new companies entered the meltblown fabric and mask production industry. Most of them were not originally in the business of these two industries and have switched to meltblown fabric production machines and mask production machines. There is also a shortage of raw material PP, and many companies started to produce modified PP that can be used as raw material for meltblown. Raw material modified PP, production machinery, technical personnel, all are unstable factors.

Unqualified masks may cause scale infection

Once the masks are not qualified, it may cause a large number of people to be infected. Therefore, the meltblown fabric and finished mask testing are more important.

Main indicators in mask testing

The main technical indicators of testing mask are filtration efficiency, resistance (breathing resistance, differential pressure), (total) inward leakage, N95 mask fit test, etc.

1. Filtration efficiency

This familiar indicator and a very important one. It shows the filtering ability of the mask to particulate matter, bacteria and viruses. If this indicator is not qualified, it will result in the mask not being able to effectively filter viruses and not playing its proper role.

2. Resistance

Different standards have different regulations, KN 95, N95, and KF94 masks, etc. need to test the breathing resistance, and medical masks need to test the differential pressure. This indicator shows the impact on the smoothness of human breathing after wearing the mask. In the case of a certain filtration efficiency, the lower the resistance, the better the product.

3. Inward leakage

It shows the combination of how well the mask fits the face and the filtration efficiency. Leakage consists of two parts: mask body, the edge of the mask and the person's face. When the inward leakage is too large, it can’t provide enough protection.

Selecting reliable mask testers

During a viral pandemic, it is important to choose a qualified mask. Professional mask testers are indispensable, so how to choose a mask tester?

Choose according to indicators

Please choose SC-FT-1406D-Plus automated filter tester (mask tester) for filtration efficiency testing of raw materials filter media) and masks. It can test KN95, N95, FFP2, KF94 masks, as well as raw materials such as meltblown and electrostatic cotton.

Please choose SC-RT-1703 series tester for mask breathing resistance test, different configurations can meet different standards. Sheffield dummy head mold, large air volume fan, to meet the EN 149 test requirements. National standard head mold to meet the GB 2626 standard, etc.

Please choose SC-RT-1202YY for medical face mask differential pressure test, which can meet EN 14683, ASTM F2100, YY 0469 and other standards.

More mask testing equipment, please browse our website.

Choose reliable manufacturer

In addition to choose according to the test indicators, you also need to pay attention to the strength of the manufacturer. Scince Purge Technology, has been focusing on air filtration testing equipment, products have been sold to more than 30 countries and regions, a total of nearly 900 customers. Among them, covering the industry's well-known enterprises, testing institutions and universities

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